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About the Green Life Soil Co:

Paul and LindaWe've been making quality soils and soil improvers for Perth gardens since 2001.  In that time, we've largely worked with home gardeners, and we're known for making effective soils that are balanced nutritionally and are microbially active.  (In fact, for 10 years we've been producing Perth's only Certified Organic soils.)

For too long there's been a disconnect between what savvy gardeners are buying for their beloved gardens and what landscape professionals in the industry are able to source for their clients.

Healthy plants come from healthy soil.

We'd like to show the Perth landscaping industry that we can help them deliver better results for their clients. Whether it's new builds, garden renovations and soil restoration, lawns, planter boxes, or vertical gardens; whether there's site specific issues to solve or specialist plant requirements -  we can work with you to tailor make something to your budget.

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While you're here - have a look around our website to get an idea of who we are & what we do - but keep in mind pricing shown here is retail - and as a professional in the industry, trade prices do apply to you. Contact us for a quote anytime, or to discuss your project's requirements.

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