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About the Green Life Soil Co.


The business which has evolved into The Green Life Soil Co. has always been permaculture based. Current owners, Paul and Linda Mitchener bought the business (then known as the Gaia Centre) in 2001. Previously, it had been known as the Permaculture and Environment Centre.

We bought the business as a professional 'tree change' - we saw a way to work more closely with nature and to share our passion for growing our own food and living more sustainably. Paul and Linda both hold Permaculture Design Certificates, and have studied horticulture at TAFE. They are passionate organic gardeners (when they get the time!) and dream of self sufficient food production!

Customised Soil Mixes

We started off making customised soil mixes for particular needs and specific plants at the customer's request. Over time, this evolved and was refined to the range of soils we now produce, and we decided in early 2008 it was appropriate to change our name to reflect the re-emerging nature of our business - and thus The Green Life Soil Co. was born!

Specialising in quality soil mixes made on site. We do not simply 'buy in' mixes and we know exactly what goes into the product we sell. We do not use biowaste or sewage sludge (used extensively in most commercial mixes).

Organic Certification

We have worked hard to continually improve our product, and are proud to have achieved Organic Certification on several of our mixes in 2008.  We are the first producer of Certified Organic soil mixes in Perth.  Our range of Certified Organic products continues to grow, and includes various growing media, soil improvers, amendments and fertilisers.
Additionally, a number of our soil amendment products are Waterwise endorsed.



Ongoing research has been a large part of what we do.  Since 2008 we have worked with a number of consultant laboratories, soil microbiologists and scientists to continually monitor and improve our soil products to ensure they are nutrient dense, microbially active, water efficient, and represent excellent value for money - providing the perfect growing media for your garden.


Over the years our efforts have been rewarded.  We have been selected as finalists and winners of a wide range of awards for Western Australian businesses (see the webpage footer for award details).


We want people to reconnect with nature - in their own back yard. 
We get excited about growing our own food - and want other people to experience the joy of that, too.
We want people to teach their kids about cycles of nature - understanding the environment and where food comes from.
We believe it is important to use less chemicals in the garden - to promote biodiversity and to live more sustainably.

We're passionate about people having a healthy, gorgeous garden:

  • an environment they love to be in
  • one that adds value and joy to their home
  • one that nurtures them in body and mind

So we set out to help them from the ground up - with something different; real growing mediums that provide ideal conditions for plants to help them thrive.

Middle Swan, Perth, Western Australia

It is our intention to empower people to successfully garden - no matter what they're trying to grow - by offering support, information and quality products to help them along their way. Over the years, we have helped both experienced and novice gardeners in Perth achieve success. 
We hope you will come and visit us in Middle Swan - We know you will embrace the 'Green Life' too!

Staff Profiles

The team September 2016 (clockwise from top left)  Jacob F, Hamish, Chaz, Jacob E, Paul, Dawson, Linda, Steve, Luke and Jarrod.

Paul & Linda

The owners of The Green Life Soil Co, these guys started out in 2001 when they were after a tree change to their former lives, both working previously in design. They have one child, a large dog, a cat and chickens. They live in Chidlow where they have a ‘work in progress’ vegie garden, and quite a few fruit trees. There is always much to do - in so little spare time! Their other hobby is Lindy Hop - a form of swing dancing. They’re not very good at it but it’s something that is great exercise, good fun, and a way to get out of the mindset of work 24/7.

Jacob F

Jacob F is one of our full time crew and is usually found in the office helping our customers, our outside helping our plants. His greenthumb keeps our greenstock looking good, and our Vegepods booming. He loves taking cuttings, experimenting with strike rates and germination, and playing with soil concoctions in pots to make sure they're not as good as Green Life's (and they're not!). Jacob holds a Permaculture Design Certificate, has an interest in growing bush foods & growing beards (and sports a fine specimen).

Jon H.

Jon H is our mild mannered online delivery driver. He is friendly and easy going - at least when working for us. His real passion is fishing, and I don’t believe the fish would find him friendly OR easy going - (just saying). He spends quite a bit of time in Mandurah on weekends pursuing this hobby, and replacing fishing gear. He also has some good shark stories.


Strickly speaking, Tommy isn't an employee - he is a self employed contractor and owns the trucks that deliver your bulk loads of soil. But he's an integral part of our operation. Reliable and efficient, we don't know where we would be without him. He's had a career in the transport industry in a range of roles; but now he's pretty much our 'delivery guy'. We <3 Tommy!

NASAA Organic Certified ProductsNASAA Organic Certified Products
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