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Testimonials from clients:

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we value the feedback we receive. 

Our reviews speak for themselves and we are very committed to maintaining this level of customer service and product quality. If you have purchased from us and were not happy for any reason, we need to know. (Please use the contacts form or testimonials form below, and include your contact details, so we can respond.) 

If you have purchased from us and are happy with the products and service that you received, please add your testimonial. Adding your testimonial will give prospective customers more confidence in our products and service.

Thank you! ~ The Team @ The Green Life Soil Co.

What clients have said:

A community herb/vegetable garden has been running in the heart of East Perth at Gloucester Park for the past twelve months. We called on the Green Life Soil Company to supply us with their Bulk Vegetable mix to get the project started. We couldn't be happier with the results.

The summer crops produced kilogram upon kilogram of tomatoes, eggplants, chills, cucumbers and herbs. The winter crop has provided our team of in house chefs an abundance of spring onions, lettuce, beetroot, silver beet and various herbs. The freshness, flavour and quality has been well appreciated by our chefs providing catering to our restaurants and eateries here at Gloucester Park.

Thanks to the team at Green Life Soil Co. for their products and advice. We look forward to working with them in the future to expand our garden. ~ Jeff B. 

(Photos are in gallery)

~ Gloucester Park Community Vegie & Herb Garden - East Perth (July 2017)
"I have been home vege patching for over 20 years with varying success.  This year I built raised garden beds and filled with your vege mix; all I can say is that since this change in real soil I'm having incredible results. Never have I seen such large active earthworms teaming in my soil & unbelievable vege growth of better than market quality.  I also filled some 200 ltr grow bags and grew sweet potatoes in the same soil.  On Monday I harvested 16 kg of sweet potatoes - some were so huge I was blown away.  The high quality of this special blend of soil is incredible and the results are nothing more than mind blowing.  Glad I found you guys; your service and knowledge is A1, you have one very happy and satisfied customer here.  Keep up the good work and thankyou for being part of the new found joy I'm getting out of my garden."
~ Joe, Iluka (April 2015)

The vegie mix is AMAZEBALLS. I'd like to think the yield was my doing but it wasn't. I've never seen soil like it. you could almost eat the stuff. Just ordered another cube of the vegie concentrate to replenish the raised beds after the winter leaf & root crop season. Can't wait to dig all that organic goodness in.

~ Mario T. (Facebook Review) - Sept 2016

We are genuinely amazed at how good this mix is! Especially when you consider that the seeds took 7-10 days to germinate, all that growth has taken place in 3-4 weeks. Now everything is basically doubling in size every week.

(Photos in gallery)
~ Adam T. (Facebook review) - May 2017
Would like to take the opportunity to thank the Company for such a speedy service, with well packaged quality products. Very happy with the excellent customer service you offer.
~ Anne, Maddington (Nov 2011)
Thank for you for all that information and you are welcome to use any comments for your testimonial page because more people should to be aware just how good your products are and that they actually WORK!   Because I have tried lots of different products and techniques but never got results like I did with your vegie mix. 
~ Ben, Kwinana (May 2016)
It was great to hear turf expert Nick Bell speak at Green life soil company today and meet owners Linda and Paul. I enjoyed the detailed breakdown of what goes into their products, they are honestly high quality and as environmentally friendly as possible. Here is a Zoysia Empire turf i laid for a customer in October 2015 it powered through summer thanks to the Green Life Soil Co's Lawn Concentrate after today's talk i can fully appreciate why it performed soo well compared to the lawn at the front which was very unhappy as it had only been laid on hydrophobic sand. As a landscaper it is the only soil product i will be using for turf laying.
~ Ben's Garden Maintenance & Landscaping (May 2016)
Thank you so much for our incredible organic soil. Our vegetable garden is absolutely flourishing! I will definitely be using Green Life Soil for all my gardening needs and can't recommended you enough. Excellent customer support and super quick delivery. Thanks again.
~ Candice, Aubin Grove (Oct 2011)
In one season my sand is now soil. Thanks Sand Remedy!
~ EC, Denmark WA
"Firstly, I'd like to say that I always receive an abundant crop when I use Green Life Soil soils! The service is second to none, the free help sheets are wonderful and best of all, It's certified organic and supporting a local family owned WA business! The delivery service is fantastic, I wanted to do some gardening on my day off. Mind you, it was the next day. They went above and beyond call to ensure my supplies were delivered the next day. Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed - Thank you very much Green Life Soil.
~ Fran, Dianella (May 2012)
Hi Green Life Soil,  A few months ago I purchased a bulk lot of your Veggie Mix and it has been absolutely wonderful, I am so happy with the growth of our veggies and their resistance to pests and disease.  I'm still fairly new to growing edibles so was wondering if you could give me some advice?  Our first round of veggie crops are coming to an end and I was wondering what you would recommend I add to the soil to enrich it for the next crop?  The beds in question have been quite intensively planted with a variety of plants - mainly brassicas, lettuce, onions and carrots.  I would appreciate your guidance.  Many Thanks for this wonderful product!  Gemma (August 2014)
~ Gemma Aug 2014

"We finished the first part of the veggie garden yesterday, the eWood looks so smart!  The veggie mix is such a good product. Wish you were closer so I could buy a truck load.!" ~ Jacqueline, Port Hedland (Sept 2014)

~ Jacqueline Port Hedland 2014
"Great advice, products and terrific service. Doesn't matter who I get on the phone over the years, all the staff know the products and provide me with A1 service. Thanks guys!" ~ Karen
~ Karen N, (August 2014)
"Have to share with you my square foot garden in around 6 weeks this is the difference, it had grown wonderfully and I have already been able to pick some herbs, lettuce and bok choy thank you again it has been wonderful to watch it grow." ~ Karen P.  Ballajura (May 2014)
~ Karen P, Ballajura (May 14)
"Your soil mix is sooooo much better than what I was getting locally.  Worlds apart really.  Worth the drive but I think you need a second depo so more Perthies buy bulk. x" ~ Leanne B. (Sept 2014)
~ Leanne B (Sept 2014)
"Thanks for the delivery today! Five and a half cubic metres perfectly poured into my garden beds by Tom. I tried to upload a photo to your page but no luck. There's one on mine...and my friends are very impressed. Thanks!" ~ Lucinda (July 2014)
~ Lucinda LC, (July 2014)
What a difference decent soil makes! We went from working hard and just keeping plants alive to having to stand back fast as the vegies sprung out of the ground! Nothing illustrates this better than our Monster radish! - check out my blog to see what I mean! http://cwmgochchronicles.blogspot.com We won't buy our soil anywhere else.
~ Nathalie, Sawyers Valley (June 2011)
People often asked us how do we grow such healthy herbs and vegetables over a long period of time. I can only say to them that it is in the soil. We always buy our certified organic vegetable mix from Paul & Linda at Greenlife Soil Co.
~ R & J M, Mundaring
I laughed to myself when I was told you guarantee your vegie mix and said I didnt think you should with my past history, but you're right, even with me. My vegies are amazing and I am about to put in my next order. Thankyou
~ Robyn, Kensington (January 2012)
Green Life Soil have been supplying our family with the highest quality organic soils and mulches for years. We have the best veggies and garlic crops every year and our health has never been better!! :)
~ Simone, Sawyers Valley
"Love using Green Life Soil supplies for my edible gardens and organic landscaping work....thanks guys!!" ~ Terry, SOIL (0429 113 233)
~ Sustainable Organic Integrated Landscaping (SOIL), Terry (2014)
We wouldn't dream of buying our soils,composts etc. anywhere else now. There is no comparison when you see the results. The staff always have time to give advice and the service is second to none.
~ Tim & Louise, Mahogany Creek
I purchased square foot garden mix (bag) and organic mushroom compost also heirloom seeds. I was very impressed by the quality of the products. The soil was a beautiful texture like cake mixture light and easy to work with. The mushroom compost was perfect and organic - a bonus for my vege garden. The plants have just taken, I can see already that this year I will have a bumper crop. I would definately purchase more and the products are high quality, worth the price. Highly recommended and you should try it too.

Thank you Green Life Soil Co for high quality products delivered on time and excellent value.  Trisha ~ Como (October 2015)

~ Trisha, Como (Oct 2015)
I am only starting to uncover my green thumb and thanks to the staff at green life soil company with quality products and always helpful and friendly staff I am really enjoying the learning and growing process.
~ Veronika, Kalamunda (Sept 2010)
Hi Paul and Linda

Thanks for your advice and fabulous soil delivered recently. Thanks also for the donation of the seed potatoes. Some photos attached of our first ever productive planting in the community garden.
Karina Martini, Secretary 

~ Willeton Community Garden (Sept 2016)

Photo Gallery:

Adrian's Garlic
Adrian's Potatoes
Adrian's Carrots & Beetroot
Adrian & his Broccoli
Adrian's Garden, Middle Swan
Adrian's Winter 2014 Garden
Adrian's Summer Pumpins
Adrian's Summer Corn
Amanda's Garden
Antonietta's Garden, South Guildford
Cameron's beetroot, Embleton
Deb's Brassicas!
Fiona's garden
Karen's Square Foot Garden
Katrina's front yard
Katrina's Garden
Katrina's Garden 2
Kim's Garden
Tracey's Garden, Jarrahdale

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