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Tomato Contest 2019

You Say To-mate-o I say tom-arto... (Let's bring the whole thing on!)
It's that time of year. Gardens all over Perth are bursting with tomato-ey goodness, and we are rejoicing in the flavours of fresh, homegrown produce again.

But which variety is "the best"? Who can grow the biggest?

It's time to put it to the test once more. Summer means our annual Tomato Contest, so we're back for another bite of the cherry (tomato).

So how does it work?

Judging will be in the form of a taste test, and will take place early February.

Of course, judging will be subjective and it's all meant in the spirit of fun and encouragement, so no correspondence will be entered into with disgruntled non-winners!

We will have taste rankings, and if the entries warrant it, maybe special awards to things like "the biggest tomato", "the smallest tomato", "the most interestingly shaped tomato" - or any other category we think applies to a tomato worthy of special mention!

So we hope you will give it a go - there will be prizes of gardening vouchers, bragging rights, and a certificate to show your grandchildren, neighbours, co-workers, mother-in-law, etc. Not to mention the fame of being featured in our next newsletter, and possibly the local newspaper (if it's a slow news week).

Entry is open to individuals, families, community groups, etc, and any type of tomato variety. We embrace all types of Solanum lycopersicum, or even Lycopersicon lycopersicum or Lycopersicon esculentum (depending on which site you Google).

Prizes to be won include:

• 1st Prize $250 Green Life Soil Co Voucher
• 2nd Prize $100 Green Life Soil Co Voucher
• 3rd Prize $50 Green Life Soil Co Voucher
• Certificate for the winners
• Prizes for novelty categories
• Encouragement Certificate for Under 12’s

What you need to do to enter & and other vague rules...

1. Grow some tasty tomatoes! It sounds obvious, but we HIGHLY recommend using our soil for the best results! Please grow them ORGANICALLY - keep the "icides" away - we're trusting you with this one!

2. Bring your tomato into our store by 1.30pm by Sunday, 3rd February, which is the closing time for the competition. (We will be closing at 2.00pm Sunday so don't be late!) When you bring in your tomato/es, we will take your details, and each entry will be given a number so that judging will be completely anonymous.

3. Once the tomatoes have been judged, we will trace back and notify the grower/s, and arrange presentation of prizes/certificates. With their permission, we would like to follow up on winners gardening stories, and (if they're willing to share) get their top tips for tasty tomatoes to publish in the next newsletter!

4. Each entry will be by gold coin donation which will be donated to charity. Which Charity? The overall winner can choose - but it will need to be a registered charity of course.

5. We reserve the right to make changes to these rules as we go along if we think up improvements. It's all about friendly competition and encouraging gardeners to give it a go!

So that's it - get growing - fo and talk nicely to your tomatoes and get their co-operation to time the ripening fruit just right.

Growing Tomatoes

In case you're a novice gardener, but all inspired to give our taste contest a go, we have a fact sheet with useful growing information and tips - click here to view.

DOWNLOAD the entry form here (or fill one out in store)

Best of luck!

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