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Soil from the Green Life Soil Co is great!
  • Cassies Clay 15kg bag

    Cassies Clay 15kg bag

    Cassie's Clay contains is a blend of high quality clays, silt and minerals; perfect for improving water holding of Perth's sandy soils.

    Certified organic - ideal for growing food crops.

    The amount of Cassie's Clay to use depends greatly on the condition of your soil, and what you're going to be growing.  
    It is best to start with a smaller amount, and add more if required.  Improve the top 10 -15cms of soil, using between 5 - 10kgs of Cassie's Clay per square metre.  Sprinkle the clay over the surface and cultivate Cassie's Clay into the dry soil with a spade or mattock.  Wet down the soil (you should see the difference in wettability straight away).  Add more if necessary.  Compost, biochar and/or other soil improvers can be incorporated into the soil at the same time.

    Recommended: Mulching helps retain moisture and promotes a healthy, living soil.

    Note:  Bag for illustration purposes only.

    Price: $23.95

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