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  • Vegie Mix (Certified Organic) 25L Pack of 5

    Vegie Mix (Certified Organic) 25L Pack of 5

    Choose 5 of our Premium Vegie Mix 25L bags and SAVE! 
    5 Bags for only $55.00, SAVE $15.00! 

    Grow the tastiest, healthiest vegies and herbs in your own garden. Great soil = great plants.

    This is a nutritionally complete mix, containing compost, manure, a range of nutrients, trace elements, water holding minerals, beneficial microbes and a microbial activator. There is no need to add anything else, it is ready to plant into once the mixture has been thoroughly watered. Ideal for raised garden beds. Also great to mix into heavy clay or laterite soil.

    If you are serious about growing vegies to provide your family with fresh, healthy produce, THIS is the mix to use.  Also available as a BULK delivery.  Contact us for a quote.

    See our page on Soils and Conditioners on our main website.

    Perth's only Certified Organic Vegetable Mix - for those who want to know their produce is nutrient dense and healthy.

    Price: $55.00

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