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  • Vegetable Concentrate Bulk

    Vegetable Concentrate Bulk

    Certified Organic - our Vegetable Concentrate is a unique blend of composts, manure with added minerals to hold moisture and nutrients and prevent leaching.  Contains rock dust (trace elements), and added long and short term nutrition, beneficial microbes and a food source for them.  

    Vegie Concentrate is NOT a growing medium on it's own.  It is designed as a soil improver and should be incorporated into your existing soil at about a 50:50 ratio to create a rich soil for your vegies and herbs.

    For vegies and herbs a growing depth of 30cms minimum is recommended. (To achieve this, you would add 15cms of Vegie Concentrate and incorporate it through until you have an improved soil depth of 30cms total.)

    NOTE:  For volumes under 1 cubic metre, or over 10 cubic metres, please call us to discuss pricing.

    Discounted rate applies to 5 cubic metres or over.   Only need a small amount?  You're welcome to collect from our yard in your own ute/trailer - or borrow one of our courtesy trailers.  (A standard trailer can hold 2/3 of a cubic metre.)

    Perth's only Certified Organic soil improver designed for vegies & herbs - for those who want to know their produce is nutrient dense and healthy.

    Price is per cubic metre.

    Price: $148.00

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