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  • Indoor Premium Potting Mix 10L Tub

    Indoor Premium Potting Mix 10L Tub

    Premium potting mix especially formulated for indoor pot plants and patio plants.

    It contains a mixture of composted pine bark, cocopeat, coarse sand, compost and a range of slow release fertilisers, minerals, microbes and a microbial activator.  It has additional Charlie Charcoal included in the recipe which helps with water holding and eliminating odours, and minimising fungus gnats.

    Convenient 10L tub is resealable; so you can store what you don't use.

    Tubs are recyclable through your yellow lid council bin - or return them to Green Life (or one of our partner retail outlets*) for a credit off your next purchase.  Refund is valid if tubs are returned in a clean and reusable condition. 

    * not available at all retail outlets - please check with us for details as we are planning on extending this scheme.

    Price: $22.50

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