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Winter is HERE - Welcome to Winter! 

The nights are getting colder now. Temperatures are starting to really drop at night and that means we are starting to cook those hearty winter recipes like casseroles and soups to keep us warm.   I'm sure your garden benefited from recent rains and I hope survived the storms unscathed.

In the Noongar culture, June means the start of Makuru season (June-July). The coldest and wettest time of year known as the fertility season as animals prepare for winter breeding. The first rains begin, the westerly winds come and the Noongar people moved more inland to hunt.

If you missed our Facebook posts, we have had some new infrastructure built. We have installed a new concreted undercover area to keep our bulk products safe and protected over the winter months (see photo below).  We've still got more to do - more improvements will enable tighter quality control and enable us to bring in new bulk products in time.

And speaking of new products - we have had some new household & personal products come onto the shelves! A fantastic new range of natural products from Herbon and a new range of Shampoo Bars from Shampoo with a Purpose.  Read more about them below.

Covid-19 Policy & Trading Hours 

work site Our gates are open, and we are welcoming all customers. We do ask that you practice social distancing while in the store. We will also keep updating everyone with the changes to any policies advised by the Government. Please understand we have been doing our best to keep our customer’s and staff safe and know things can be stressful and frustrating at times. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

Trading Hours: Monday-Saturday 08:30 - 4:00pm (CLOSED Sundays until further notice)

(And a big THANK YOU to Jess for her work in putting this newsletter together ~ Linda)

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Jobs to do in the June garden
What to plant now
Seasonal Pests
New Products 
VIP Special
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Retailer Update

Jobs to do now

  • weeds in gardenWeeding:
    With the rain and colder weather upon us weeds started rearing their ugly heads. The good news is now is one of the best times to do something! The ground is damper which makes pulling weeds out with a fork or trowel easier. Take a bucket with you, collect them all and add them to your compost or use them to make a fertiliser.  See our fact sheet on organic weed control (and weed tea) here. Mulching will help protect your garden and reduce weeds.
  • Preparing soil (Asparagus/Rhubarb): 
    Although these have not yet arrived in store it is a great time to start preparing for planting. Use these easy steps to prepare your soil.
      1. Picking a spot: Rhubarb prefers morning sun and partial shade and Asparagus prefers more of a full sun position.
      2. Remove any existing weeds or grass from that area.
      3. Both Asparagus and rhubarb prefer a rich and fertile soil. Prepare your soil by digging in compost and manure, and/or adding some blood and bone (optional).  For an easy option, use our Vegie Concentrate which is a blended soil improver, rich & ready to go!
    If you can hold yourself back from harvesting in first year, it will enable the plant to establish itself well for future seasons.  For more in-depth information on growing Rhubarb and Asparagus see our fact sheets here.
  • planting treePreparing soil for Fruit Trees:
    Preparing your soil before you plant fruit trees or ornamentals is crucial. Researching to find the right tree for your location is essential for success. A little bit of planning and preparation now will save problems in the future. If you have poor sandy soil (like most of Perth), then digging some General Concentrate through those areas will be very beneficial. We spent a lot of time and energy perfecting our soil concentrates to ensure your plant is provided with all the trace elements and nutrients that may not be available in poor sandy soils; plus we add minerals like clay & biochar to assist with water holding. 
  • Transplanting/Moving trees:
    If you feel like some of your trees or shrubs could use a better position, then now is the time to move them! If you are moving deciduous plants, wait until all the leaves have dropped. Find a new spot where you think they would suit the conditions more and prepare the soil. Dig out as much of the root ball as possible and re-plant immediately. Giving your plant a good dose of seaweed/kelp will help with transplant shock. Transplanting can be tricky but when successful can be rewarding - and if a plant is not thriving or desirable where it is, what have you got to lose by giving it a go?
  • fish hydroFeeding your Garden:
    Using a liquid fertiliser can be very beneficial to your garden. Most of our vegie patches at this time of year have leafy greens and winter vegies growing. Feeding your vegies with something like Fish Hydrolysate, a kelp/seaweed mix or Worm Wizz will boost growth and provide a good harvest!
  • Planting Flowers:
    Winter for our gardens can feel a little dull. Planting some flowering annuals or bulbs will brighten up the garden, fill any gaps and bring a sense of warmth with a touch of colour to the garden. Try planting some Calendula in the garden- pretty bright orange and yellow flowers which can be used as a medical herb and used for to add a touch of colour to salads. In fact, there are many edible flowers that make a great addition to salads, desserts, or a garnish for a fancy touch!.  Check out our fact sheet here.
  • cabbage butterflyTop Tip:
    Cabbage moths are a pain this time of year. They are very territorial and will not lay their eggs in an area where their young will have to compete for food. Making a paper cabbage moth is a great way to get the kids crafty and deter these pesky pests from your vegie patch! (Luckily for us they are easily fooled.)  Draw your own or download a template.  (Laminate them to hold through the weather, or make them out of a 2L milk bottle and decorate with a permanent marker.)  Attach your decoys to stakes or suspend in and around your susceptible plants.  It should help!
    Removing the caterpillars by hand is the most organic way to deal with an infestation.  Check the back of leaves, and along stems, as this is where they like to hide from small birds.  As a last resort, Dipel is a naturally occurring bacteria that will kill caterpillars and is safe for other insects and animals.  But remember there are many beneficial, predatory insects that feed on the caterpillars - including parasitic wasps.  So if you use Dipel, it does affect their life cycles, too.   There's always a knock-on effect for any type of spray or treatment so reach for the sprays only when absolutely necessary.

What to Plant Now

peasDon’t worry ~ it's not too late to plant vegies to enjoy later in Winter & Spring; check out our winter/spring vegie guides here.

We still have organically grown seedlings being delivered to us regularly, so check out what is in season & in stock to plant in your garden.  A list of things to plant now includes:
Artichoke (globe), Beetroot, Broad Beans, Broccoli, Cabbage, Coriander, Dill, English spinach, Kale, Kohl rabi, Leek, Lettuce, Onion, Parsnip, Peas, Potatoes, Radish, Silver beet, Snow peas, Spring onion, Strawberries, Turnips.

Top Tip:

Not only are peas great for you, the kids love them! It is the perfect time of year for peas and they do not take long to establish. Peas produce their own nitrogen and therefore do not need a very fertile soil to grow in, so planting them after a heavy feeding crop such as tomatoes is perfect.  To speed up germination, pre-soak in some warm (not too hot) water for a couple of hours to soften the seed coating, then plant out.  Have a trellis or some kind of frame in place that they can climb up as they grow.  Check out our free fact sheet on growing Peas here.

Seasonal Pests: Slugs and Snails

snailWith the wet weather now here, we all know those pesky little snails and slugs start to emerge. You can keep on top of these infestations with some of these simple and organic tricks.

One method and a great way to get the kids involved is to go out hunting. Head out during the evening/night, (even better if it has just recently rained) and grab a bucket and a torch! Collect as many as possible and if you are not keen on squishing them you can always use some hot water with a touch of salt in your bucket - toss the snails in.

Another method is to use beer traps, any type of beer will work. A small container, such as a butter container or plastic bottle cut in half will be effective and not costly! Dig partly into the soil and fill with a very small amount of beer. Keep a close eye on these traps as they fill up fast.

Another great method is ducks (if you've got the room!) Personally, I find these guys to be one of the handiest feathered friends in the garden. These helpers have a keen eye for slugs and snails and must love the taste, unlike chooks who seem to pick and choose which slugs they find tasty enough. If you would like some more information on other ways to help rid your garden of these slimy pests then check out this fact sheet.

New Products

herbon dishwashingWoot Woot - We have some exciting new products in store!
For a while now, we've been thinking about bringing in a range of natural personal and cleaning products.  After doing some research, we decided to bring over from Melbourne part of the Herbon range.  We were looking for something different to offer Green Lifers - and it had to complement our range and fit our ethos.  Herbon is an Australian company, founded in 1982 by industrial chemist Henry Kirschner, who was actively involved in researching and developing environmentally preferable and allergy free products.  Their range uses allergy free ingredients, which have NOT been tested on animals, are safe for septic systems, and 100% biodegradable.  Check out their website for more information about what the products contain (and more importantly, what they don't!).

herbon deodorantThere is a wide range of products from personal roll on deodorants, liquid soap and a moisturising cream (I use it as a hand cream and love it! - Linda).  And cleaning products such as laundry liquids, pre-wash stain removers, multi-purpose cleaner, pure soap powder, dishwashing liquid, and dishwasher powder & rinse aid. (I have tested the Natural Anti-Insect Repellent Lotion myself as the midges in my area are horrific and the results were very impressive! This product smells amazing, does not leave your skin feeling greasy or dry and as it is a lotion so there is no spraying needed!  - Jess)

We have chosen to stock the fragrance free laundry and dishwashing products; those who are sensitive to the (usually) HIGHLY perfumed commercial laundry detergents will appreciate the difference!

herbon stain removerPlease check our website for more information on each individual product.  Click on the link or go to garden products then household products, and scroll through all pages.   (Psst.  VIP members - check out YOUR special prices in our members-only log-in section of the website.)

And there's MORE good news; we've also brought over bulk drums of liquid soap, multi-purpose cleaner, fragrance free laundry liquid, fragrance free dishwashing liquid, dishwasher powder and pre-wash stain remover - so we can refill containers and you can save money!


shampoo barShampoo With A Purpose is another new range we have stocked in the shop. These bars provide and shampoo and conditioner in one bar!  As well as looking after your luscious locks, shampoo bars help look after the planet.  ONE BAR will replace 6 bottles of shampoo & conditioner - they really do last for ages.  S.W.A.P. is the only Australian made bar to be 'triple milled' - I had to look this up to discover it's importance, but it means it's been refined further than others - which means it is very stable, and doesn't go mushy like many soap bars do when wet.  

If you're wanting to give them ago without a huge commitment, we've brought in travel size bars.  These are only $5, so make a good 'tester' - as well as being handy for travel - duh!  No more leaking bottles in your luggage.

The full size bars are $15 and come in 4 "flavours" for all hair types: Dry or Damaged, The O.G (the Original Gangster), Volume, and Colour Treated.  Great value if you consider what you'd be spending on the shampoo & conditioner bottles you're replacing.  (Travel bars are Original only.)

Another Australian, family-owned small business, S.W.A.P.  are passionate about helping the environment without using harsh chemicals or components.  Give them a try!

VIP Special

blood & boneWho doesn't like a sale?  This month, grab one of our tubs of Certified Organic Blood & Bone for HALF PRICE!
Any size tub - you still SAVE.

Shopping online - sign into our Members VIP section to access your special pricing.  (Trouble logging in?  Please let us know.)
Shopping in store or placing a phone order - please ask our friendly team to receive the deal.

Grab a tub and keep your garden flourishing over Winter or set it aside to give your fruit trees a feed in early Spring.

Limit of one per customer and valid until COB Monday, 6th July.

Photo Winner

THANK YOU to everybody who sent in photos of their gardens...  this month we received quite a few entries.  Remember you can enter every month, so keep sending in those photos for more opportunities to win.

This month's winner is Brian Dearle, who sent in several interesting pictures, and had this to say about his garden:

"We recently moved into an over 55’s complex and now have a very reduced backyard from what I am used to.

The developer provided a lovely 5m x 2m piece of lawn. Absolutely useless.

I have ripped it out and put in three 2.5m x 1.2m vegetable gardens. I am not sure how they will go as the garden gets a bit too much shade in winter from I can see. Still, I have some lettuce, onions, kale, beetroot and chillies growing and they are looking reasonable so far. I am still cleaning up the plants we brought across as we had heaps.

To maximize space I have built a vertical wall along the western side. It is a mixture of plants and vegetables. I have found that one end gets quite a lot of sun so I am planting it up with vegetables in preference to plants. I thought you might find that interesting. I am looking at extending that to some other walls as well."


Thank you Brian for sending in your photos.  I love the way you've maximised the space & I hope it works out well for you.  Enjoy your $50 store credit!

Retailer Update

There's never been a better time to support local small businesses - Please support the independent retailers who support us. They've got great local knowledge and are happy to help. Many are now bringing in pre-order & pickup/non-contact services in order to help keep you safe.

All stockists carry different items (so give them a call and check!). If there's an item of ours they don't usually carry, in most cases they'd be very happy to add it to their next order for you.

Evergreen StudioWe'd love to welcome Evergreen Studio in North Beach to the family!  This is a gorgeous little boutique store selling indoor plants, accessories, pots and gifts (pictured right).  While Michelle doesn't have room to carry our full range, she can certainly help with our certified organic potting mix & our specialist indoor potting mix.  A qualified horticulturalist, and fellow member of WALDA, you can be sure she'll give you practical and helpful advice on any new plant baby you purchase for yourself or as a gift.  

Beaufort Garden World - Inglewood 9271 0585
Evergreen Studio - North Beach 0419 091 095
Garden Elegance - Subiaco 9381 2197
Guildford Town Garden Centre - Guildford 9279 8645
Nibali Stockfeed - Hamilton Hill 9433 2211
Stanbee Stockfeeds - Barragup 9581 2390
Thrive Sustainability - Lower Chittering 0408 157 301
Waldecks Bentley - Bentley 9458 5944
Waldecks Melville - Melville 9330 6970
Waldecks Kingsley - 9309 5088
Waldecks Stirling - 9254 6730
Zanthorrea Nursery - Maida Vale 9454 6260

Australind Landscaping Supplies 9796 1720
Busselton - U scape Garden Centre 9751 3995
Leschenault & Bunbury Markets - Fancy Plants Nursery 0428 844 597
Margaret River - Nutrient Ag Solutions (formerly Landmark) 9758 7677

Know of anywhere in your area that you'd like to stock our products?  Let us know (as well as letting THEM know!) and we'd be happy to approach them.

Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for news & updates regularly.

THANK YOU for being part of the Green Life family - stay safe, stay healthy & keep gardening!

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