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Nischa from Karrinyup

Meet Nischa from Karrinyup!  Her whole front yard is devoted to growing food.  Snuggled behind a front fence, Nischa has raised garden beds that 3 generations of her family enjoy tending (and harvesting!).

Her house is an amazing solar passive dwelling that does not require additional heating or cooling; so being partially self sufficient in food production seems a logical extension of living in a property with such low energy usage.

The new in-ground garden bed developed for The Harvest Club may receive a bit of root competition from the established street tree and citrus trees not too far away; it remains to be seen.  The soil is sandy, builders fill and probably even worse coastal sand beneath that!  It is a bit of a challenging environment but we hope we'll see the garden thrive over the course of the project.

This item posted: 13-Sep-2016

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