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Brendon from Huntingdale

Meet Brendon!  He lives in a pretty typical suburban home in Huntingdale which (until the Harvest Club came along) had a well cared for front & back lawn, some roses and frangipanis - but not really any edible plants.  His available garden bed space was a pretty narrow (90cm wide) strip along the fenceline; not particularly ideal, but the concept behind the Harvest Club was to work with "real" gardens - not just those that are perfectly situated.

We thought Brendon was a worthy if slightly unorthodox addition to our Harvest Club group.  You see - he has a dark secret.  Brendon is a qualified horticulturalist.  He has been involved with some quite intensive turf trials, and the aforementioned roses and frangipanis were grown from cuttings from his parent's garden.  They are avid gardeners and no doubt inspired Brendon's aptitude for growing things.

But we wanted to know - how could someone with such a green thumb NOT grow vegetables?  Something just had to be done.

Well we're happy to say that the edible takeover of his yard has begun.  He carefully relocated some of his beloved roses and now has a thriving little vegie patch growing along his fenceline.

Brendon loves trials and reporting and is quite the DETAIL man.  His reports are worthy of a gold star and it has been great to see his enthusiasm for The Harvest Club from day one.  (His very first report was 55 pages long.  Yeah.  Detail.)

Potentially working with a qualified horticulturalist was unnerving.  If anyone was going to question our methods it was going to be Brendon.  However, we're happy to say so far he's very happy with how things are working in his garden (phew!).  Just look at some of the produce it's grown so far!

I'm sure there'll be LOTS of interesting findings to come from his experience, and we look forward to sharing them with you.


This item posted: 16-Nov-2016

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