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  • Straw Bale

    Straw Bale

    Wheaten or oaten straw, this is the remainder of the plant after the heads have been harvested, however please note all straw will contain SOME seeds, and as such straw can never be 100% weed free.
    Straw makes a great mulch, especially good for vegie gardens or no dig gardens, as it returns valuable organic matter to the soil as it decomposes.
    How far a straw bale will spread totally depends on the thickness used. As a general rule, allow 1 bale per 5m2.

    (NOTE: 5 bales attracts a price discount if purchasing 5 and can be done as an on-line standard order.  More than 5 bales falls into our 'bulk products' category.  Standard bulk order delivery rates apply.)

    See our fact sheet on straw mulches for more information.

    Price: $14.00

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