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Organic Pest Control

Bugs eating your broccoli?  Caterpillars devouring your cabbages?

It's frustrating to see your lovely garden under attack by pests.  We can help you with pest and disease control products and advice.

Did you know that many conventional pesticides are systemic, which means to be effective and long lasting they are absorbed into the tissue of the plant, so that when the insect chews on it, the pest eats the poison and dies.  Hmmn.  So what happens when YOU pick and eat your vegetables?

At The Green Life Soil Co we only stock pest control products that are either Certified Organic or allowable for use under Organic standards.  Why use harmful chemicals when often there are simple alternatives?

We believe that most pest and disease problems in gardens stem from other factors, like seasonal conditions, humidity, etc.  By improving or changing conditions within your garden, often pest numbers will reduce to tolerable levels, or the pests may even disappear completely if the conditions under which they flourish are modified.

Remember that pesticides are mostly non-specific; and that beneficial insects can also be harmed by broad spectrum applications.

Assuming pests numbers are problematic, some treatments can be easily and cheaply made at home (see our pest & disease recipe fact sheet for more information). 

Correct ID of the pest or disease is important too.  (See the link to the Ag Dept of WA on our 'Links & Resources' page.)  We can help you with ready made treatments for:-

Snails & Slugs
Thrips and Whitefly
Fruit Fly
Scale and Mealy Bug
Black Spot, Mildew (and other fungal problems)
Other insect pests

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