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Western Australian soils are some of the oldest in the world, and are extremely deficient in most of the essential nutrients we human animals need in our diet.

If you are repeatedly harvesting vegetables or fruit from your garden, fertilising during the growing season (mainly spring and autumn) is beneficial to replenish essential nutrients being used up by the plants.

We only carry fertilsers that are either Certified Organic, or are an allowable organic input.

For information on fertlisers, and when and how to use them - see our fact sheet.

Return & Refill Service - Save packaging going to landfill & save yourself money!

We are now selling many of our mineral products in polypropylene tubs.  There are generally 2 or 3 tub sizes available.  The tubs make great containers around the house, but we encourage you to return them to us when you need to buy more product.  We can refill them and you will only pay by the kilo for your minerals; saving money and recycling packaging.

When the containers have eventually reached the end of their useable life, they are recyclable by your local council service in your yellow topped bin - so together we can keep precious resources from ending up in landfill!

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This refill & recycle initiative saw us selected as a Finalist in the 2012 Infinity Awards (Business Category).

Our Fertiliser Products include:


Certified Organic. Composted and pelletised chicken manure. An effective, all purpose fertiliser.

15L bag (8kg) or 25L bag (14kg) bags.

Blood & Bone

Locally made, quality Certified Organic blood & bone. Great for all plants, including natives. No added urea.  Recipe (to comply with WA phosphorus legislation) contains natural blood meal to boost nitrogen, and Rock Dust which provides Trace Elements in a slow release form.  No artificial fillers.  This is not a 'blood and bone based' product - it is the real deal.

Available in 3kg and 8kg tubs, and 15kg tubs.

Fish Hydrolysate

Concentrated liquid fertilizer.  Provides a great food source for beneficial fungi and microbes, which in turn make nutrients available to your plants.  Certified Organic.

more information on Fish Hydrolysate

Available in 1L and 5L bottles, and 20L drums.


Balanced, granulated fertiliser safe for all plants including natives.  Slow release containing trace elements and coated with beneficial microbes.  Made in WA.

Available in 10kg bag.


Liquid fertiliser - a combination of fish & seaweed.  Certified Organic.  Made in WA.

Available in 1L and 5L bottles.

Dry Kelp

Seaweed in a powdered form.  While seaweed is not considered a fertiliser, it is definitely a plant tonic; containing a wide range of minerals.  Certified Organic.  Useful to help prevent transplant shock.

Available in 500gm and 1kg satchets.

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