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2017-09 September news

Welcome to September - the official start of Spring; and certainly a prime time for gardening in Perth. To help get you fired up, in this newsletter we've got a whole list of things you can grow now, a helpful reminder of jobs to do, and our feature article is about building your soil fertility.
Plus as always there's a special offer for our VIP customers - that's YOU!
We hope you enjoy our latest newsletter.

  • Spring has arrived - time to get busy!
  • What to plant now & Jobs to do in the September Garden
  • Fertilise Wisely - Improving Soil Fertility for the long term
  • VIP Special offer

2017-08 August news

As we head into August; the last official month of Winter, we're looking towards all the opportunities for a bumper spring crop & summer harvest. We address your gardening questions and help you get ready for Spring; with reminders for all those important jobs and a list of what you can begin to plant now.
With a whole new round of workshops announced, there's something for everyone @ GLSC, no matter where you are on your gardening journey.

  • August - Time to Get Busy!
  • What to Plant Now
  • Workshops - Grow With Us.
  • Winter Gardening Q & A - Your Questions Answered

2017-07 July Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our July newsletter! We've passed the shortest day of the year so... ever so slowly... the days are beginning to get longer once more. Let's hope we get a lot more rain between now and Spring.

Winter opening hours take effect from 1st July 2017. We're open from 8.30 - 4.00pm Monday - Saturday; and 8.30 - 2.00pm Sundays. Should you need to pick soil up outside of these hours (particularly trade customers) please contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

  • July Jobs in the Garden & What to Plant Now
  • Citrus - winter issues to watch out for
  • Cassies Clay - one for the Kaolinite fans
  • VIP special offer - get a jump on your spring garden

2017-06 June Newsletter

So much to do in the June garden... In our June 2017 newsletter we hope to inspire you to get those necessary jobs done and reap the rewards in Spring. But there's still plenty to plant and grow right now too.
Have you tried growing microgreens? Anyone can grow them anywhere - virtually no space required. We'll show you how.
Plus there's new products to try and more good stuff going on @ Green Life Soil Co.

  • Container growing - go potty in winter!
  • Microgreens. Nutritious and delicious.
  • New winter opening hours & new products... VIP introductory price!
  • Jobs to do in the garden in June and What to Plant now

2017-05 May Newsletter

Happy May! So we're half-way through Autumn almost, and hasn't the weather been gorgeous?
Sure - we could always use a bit more rain over here in dry Perth, but as far as working outside; the conditions have been perfect.
We've had a busy month with the Perth Garden Festival end April. I hope you got down to the show - organisers believe record numbers of about 30,000 made it through the gates this year, and it was certainly busy - lots of people to chat to and hopefully teach about their options for gardening in a more sustainable fashion.

  • What to Plant Now & A Handy Reminder for Autumn Garden Tasks
  • Compost - Make your own Vs. Buying Compost in Perth
  • VIP special offer
  • What's happening @ GLSC - workshops, International Permaculture Day, etc.

2017-04 April 17 News

Autumn is upon us! And isn't it lovely? We'd love to know what you're doing in your garden right now - if you're interested in sharing some photos, we'd love to see them! You never know - you could WIN yourself a pass to the Garden Festival... See below for more details!

We've been working on bringing some NEW products to market too - and we've got more info about those in this newsletter. Plus the handy reminders of what to do in the garden NOW, and what you can plant out at this time of year.

  • Easter Opening Hours
  • Meet the family - Introducing new products 'Charlie' and 'Rocky'
  • WIN a double pass to the Perth Garden Festival
  • What to Plant Now & Jobs to do in the Garden - April

2017-03 March Newsletter 2017

Welcome to Autumn!
We're excited because the best time to garden in Perth is this season!!!

There's LOADS to do in the garden at this time of year and we hope this newsletter will inspire you to get outside. Gardening is a wonderful way to nourish your body with gentle exercise and your mind with relaxing, purposeful tasks - and if you're growing edibles, you get to nourish your body from the inside too, with the freshest and tastiest produce you grow.

  • Soil pH - what is it? (check out our brand new downloadable chart!)
  • Preparing your garden for autumn planting
  • What to plant now
  • Jobs to do in March, More workshops coming up & a VIP offer!

2017-02 February Newsletter

Hello Green-Lifers - and welcome to February! At this time of year things are settling into a 'routine' - kids are back at school, holiday season is over and the year is really underway. It's time to get back into the garden.

This month we're announcing our Tomato Contest Winners. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter; it is always great to see the variety of tomatoes you're growing.

Plus we've got a whole new round of workshops coming for the first half of the year. Details are below. We'd love to know what other workshops you may be interested in, so drop us a line with your ideas.

  • Tomato Contest 2017 - the winners!
  • Workshops for 2017
  • Valentines Day - some surprising fruit & veg to boost your love life!
  • What to plant now & Jobs to do in the garden - preparing for Autumn planting

2017-01 January newsletter

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 brings you & your family every happiness, and that your garden blooms exceptionally well this year! I hope you've had a chance to have a rest over the Christmas period.

We're glad to say @ GLSC we survived the road closure - Farrall Road has been re-opened and you can now access us from each end; however due to the median strip, northbound traffic can only enter & exit from the northern end of our carpark.

  • What to plant now & Jobs to do in the garden
  • Moon Planting - what is it?
  • Tomato Contest 2017 - WIN prizes
  • New blueberry mix & more!

2016-12 December 2016 News

Welcome to our December newsletter.

So Christmas is just around the corner again. I hope you're ready for it - if you need ideas for Christmas gifts for gardening friends & relatives, see our suggestions below for inspiration, or browse around our revamped website (Do you like it?? The idea was to make it easier to navigate and it's also now fully mobile responsive).

  • What to plant now & Jobs to do in the Garden
  • Cracking Christmas gift ideas
  • Summer heat - more trees please!
  • How to choose shade protection for your garden

2016-11 November news

Welcome to November - we've had some lovely spring weather so far, and the garden has appreciated the mild weather and extra rain. I think it won't be long before we start experiencing a few hotter days, so check out the 'Jobs to Do' section below to make sure you and your garden are prepared.

  • Jobs to to & What to plant - November
  • Road Closure - we're still open for business!
  • Mulch - which one is right for your garden?
  • Competition winners - congratulations!

2016-10 October newsletter

Wow - here we are now going into October! Hasn't it been a SLOW start to spring in our gardens? I know many of you are struggling with your summer seedlings; it is simply because conditions have been so cold.

This month marks the 15th anniversary of Paul & myself having the business, so we've got a birthday bash planned with lots of garden goodies to be won.

  • What to Plant & Jobs to do in the Garden
  • Endive - grow (and eat) your healthy greens!
  • Happy birthday to us! Birthday prizes to be won.
  • Vote for Green Life - people's choice awards.

2016-09 September news

Spring is here! Spring is here! After a wet and cold winter the thought of some warmer, sunny days is most appealing. Our gardens have loved the rain (there's a good moisture bank built up in the soil) but not the cold so much - seedlings have been slow and many plants are looking a bit sad and yellow - but they'll soon pick up again as the days get longer and warmer.

Such a busy time in the garden AND at GLSC right now - come along to our Greener Garden Festival, Saturday 3rd September to listen to gardening experts Sabrina Hahn & Sue McDougall.

  • What to Plant Now & Jobs to do in the Garden
  • Greener Garden Festival Saturday 3rd September
  • Harvest Club - meet the participants
  • VIP Member Discounts

2016-08 August 2016

Hello Green Lifers - August already? Next month we'll be celebrating the start of Spring, so now's the time to be getting your garden sorted, and we hope this newsletter will get you inspired. It's a fantastic time to be getting garden beds ready and seedlings started. The days are getting longer and our plants are slowly responding to increased sunlight hours.

  • Jobs to do in the garden
  • What to Plant
  • Winter shade in your garden - ways to help optimise growth
  • Harvest Club update & VIP special

2016-07 July 2016 News

Hello again, Green Lifers! Brrrrr. As I write we have been experiencing some lovely, sunny winter days here in Perth; but the mornings have been COLD. Still, it's lovely to see the sun and to be able to get outdoors.
It's a great time to get busy in the garden, and there are heaps of jobs to get done now to keep things looking good, and to get prepared for Spring.
In this newsletter we've got info on:

  • The Harvest Club - an exciting new initiative for Perth. Join us!
  • Workshops coming up - a whole heap of great presenters & topics @ GLSC
  • Jobs to do in the Garden & What to Plant Now
  • Spring Garden Festival - save the date!

2016-06 June 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to winter - well, officially! We have had some great rain to start us off; let's hope it continues. This time of year is a highly productive time of year in the garden, as plants grow well in the milder weather and with more moisture in the soil. There's always something to be done in the garden - and we've got lots of tips & ideas for you this month.

  • Jobs to do in the garden now
  • What to Plant in June
  • Weird & Wonderful Worms
  • What's new, what's different, what's unusual @ Green Life! (LOTS!)

2016-5 May Newsletter

Hello and welcome to May! - hasn't it been a good start to Autumn so far; with some fantastic early rain? I know the weeds are doing well at our place!
We have just come out of the Perth Garden Festival last weekend; so apologies that the newsletter is a little late. It was a good show - everyone I spoke to had good things to say about the range of stalls and the excellent program of speakers that ran every day; there was something for everyone!

  • Jobs to do in the Garden & What to Plant Now
  • Spotlight on Soil - The Green Life Way
  • Slugs & snails and what to do about them
  • VIP offer + Tass1Trees Auction Soil Deal

2016-04 April Newsletter

Well HELLO and welcome to April!

It's SUCH a great time to get busy and grow in the garden, and we have everything you need to get you started. Read here about our workshops; there's some fantastic sessions coming up. Also find out about how you can get FREE delivery of bulk soil; and other special deals for being a VIP Green Lifer.

  • Composting - what method will work best for you?
  • What to Plant Now - Autumn is a perfect time for growing.
  • Jobs to do in the Garden.
  • Perth Garden Festival is coming!

2016-03 March 2016 Newsletter

Yay! It's officially Autumn! Sure, some hot days no doubt but overall the nights are cooler and we are in for some FANTASTIC gardening weather over the next couple of months.

We have some very exciting news for you if you're wanting to get your garden beds ready for planting. Check out our new discounted delivery structure for bulk soil products.

Also - our workshop schedule is up & running - we have got some great sessions planned between now and July; keep an eye on our brand new Events page on our website.

  • Discounted Delivery, VIP deals - lots of good stuff!
  • Jobs to do in the garden this Autumn
  • What to Plant Now
  • No Dig Gardening - the pro's and con's

2016-02 Feb 16 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to February!

Kids are back to school, and the year seems to be settling into a routine of sorts (for me, at least!) We've had some unusual weather throughout January, with rain every week it seems. This humid weather can present a challenge in our gardens with fungal diseases, etc. - I hope your garden has enjoyed the water and is otherwise unscathed!

  • Tomato Contest 2016 - The Winners!
  • What to plant now & Jobs to do in the Garden
  • Lawn Rejuvenation Tips from the Expert
  • Propagation workshop - book in now!

2016-01 January 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year! I trust you had a lovely Christmas, and have enjoyed a little bit of downtime after the 'silly season' to recharge your batteries!

In this newsletter we focus on WATER use in the garden. I'm sure you're hearing the message everywhere, but we really do need to ensure we manage this resource properly.

We also look at jobs to do in the garden, what you can plant now (and how to get the best results), and news about our 2016 Tomato Contest.

  • Water - How to Save Water in the Garden
  • 2016 Tomato Contest - Got to be in it to win it!
  • Jobs to do in the Garden & What to Plant Now
  • News & The Year Ahead for GLSC

2015-12 December 2015 Newsletter

Hello again Green Lifers! Here we are & it's December again! It has been a very busy year for us and we'd like to THANK YOU all for your amazing support. We will be closing for a few days (mainly the public holidays) but will be re-opening between Christmas and New Year (for those of you with time off who want to get stuck into some projects!)

  • What to Plant Now & Jobs to do in the Garden this December
  • Pumpkins! How to grow them in Perth.
  • Vegie Net & Shadecloth - perfect products for summer
  • World Soil Day

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