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2016-06 June 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to winter - well, officially! We have had some great rain to start us off; let's hope it continues. This time of year is a highly productive time of year in the garden, as plants grow well in the milder weather and with more moisture in the soil. There's always something to be done in the garden - and we've got lots of tips & ideas for you this month.

  • Jobs to do in the garden now
  • What to Plant in June
  • Weird & Wonderful Worms
  • What's new, what's different, what's unusual @ Green Life! (LOTS!)

2016-5 May Newsletter

Hello and welcome to May! - hasn't it been a good start to Autumn so far; with some fantastic early rain? I know the weeds are doing well at our place!
We have just come out of the Perth Garden Festival last weekend; so apologies that the newsletter is a little late. It was a good show - everyone I spoke to had good things to say about the range of stalls and the excellent program of speakers that ran every day; there was something for everyone!

  • Jobs to do in the Garden & What to Plant Now
  • Spotlight on Soil - The Green Life Way
  • Slugs & snails and what to do about them
  • VIP offer + Tass1Trees Auction Soil Deal

2016-04 April Newsletter

Well HELLO and welcome to April!

It's SUCH a great time to get busy and grow in the garden, and we have everything you need to get you started. Read here about our workshops; there's some fantastic sessions coming up. Also find out about how you can get FREE delivery of bulk soil; and other special deals for being a VIP Green Lifer.

  • Composting - what method will work best for you?
  • What to Plant Now - Autumn is a perfect time for growing.
  • Jobs to do in the Garden.
  • Perth Garden Festival is coming!

2016-03 March 2016 Newsletter

Yay! It's officially Autumn! Sure, some hot days no doubt but overall the nights are cooler and we are in for some FANTASTIC gardening weather over the next couple of months.

We have some very exciting news for you if you're wanting to get your garden beds ready for planting. Check out our new discounted delivery structure for bulk soil products.

Also - our workshop schedule is up & running - we have got some great sessions planned between now and July; keep an eye on our brand new Events page on our website.

  • Discounted Delivery, VIP deals - lots of good stuff!
  • Jobs to do in the garden this Autumn
  • What to Plant Now
  • No Dig Gardening - the pro's and con's

2016-02 Feb 16 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to February!

Kids are back to school, and the year seems to be settling into a routine of sorts (for me, at least!) We've had some unusual weather throughout January, with rain every week it seems. This humid weather can present a challenge in our gardens with fungal diseases, etc. - I hope your garden has enjoyed the water and is otherwise unscathed!

  • Tomato Contest 2016 - The Winners!
  • What to plant now & Jobs to do in the Garden
  • Lawn Rejuvenation Tips from the Expert
  • Propagation workshop - book in now!

2016-01 January 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year! I trust you had a lovely Christmas, and have enjoyed a little bit of downtime after the 'silly season' to recharge your batteries!

In this newsletter we focus on WATER use in the garden. I'm sure you're hearing the message everywhere, but we really do need to ensure we manage this resource properly.

We also look at jobs to do in the garden, what you can plant now (and how to get the best results), and news about our 2016 Tomato Contest.

  • Water - How to Save Water in the Garden
  • 2016 Tomato Contest - Got to be in it to win it!
  • Jobs to do in the Garden & What to Plant Now
  • News & The Year Ahead for GLSC

2015-12 December 2015 Newsletter

Hello again Green Lifers! Here we are & it's December again! It has been a very busy year for us and we'd like to THANK YOU all for your amazing support. We will be closing for a few days (mainly the public holidays) but will be re-opening between Christmas and New Year (for those of you with time off who want to get stuck into some projects!)

  • What to Plant Now & Jobs to do in the Garden this December
  • Pumpkins! How to grow them in Perth.
  • Vegie Net & Shadecloth - perfect products for summer
  • World Soil Day

2015-11 November 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to November! I find it gets pretty crazy from here on - like a toboggan going down hill, we seem to increase speed all the way down to Christmas! But hopefully you've got some work done in your garden so you can enjoy the results of your effort later. No? Still on the To-Do list? Well - time to get cracking ~ but the good news is you can still plant LOTS of great things to harvest over the coming weeks & months.

  • Jobs to do in the Garden
  • What to Plant Now
  • Caterpillars & Cabbage Moth - what to do!
  • Award winning, VIP special deals & Garden experts in store! Phew!

2015-10 October 2015 Newsletter

Hello & Welcome to October! In this newsletter we've got some pointers for growing from seed. It's the cheapest way to get a garden growing; and once you have enjoyed a growing season you can save your own seed for next year! Plus we've got jobs to do in the garden now, things to plant right now, a VIP special offer & more...
We're Doing It In A Dress this October & want you to join us 10th & 11th October for a great weekend!

  • Jobs to do in the garden this October
  • What to Plant now
  • Growing from seed - from little things, big things grow!
  • Organic Consumers Choice Awards & Do It In A Dress Fundraiser Day

2015-09 September 2015 News

Boy, it's a busy time to be in the garden. Early Spring is the time when you need to put in a little effort to reap the rewards all through summer. Get busy, get things prepped and sown, and you'll be all set to enjoy some fresh produce from your own garden by Christmas (and sooner - depending on your choices!).
This newsletter, we talk a bit about just HOW to prepare your soil to get the most out of it for the coming growing season.

  • Jobs to do in the Garden in Spring
  • What vegies & herbs to plant NOW
  • Building your soil for Spring & Summer survival
  • VIP special offer & lots more good stuff!!!

2015-08 August News

It's a great time to be planning and preparing for your Spring planting. Time to dig in manures & compost (or our vegie concentrate) and leave it for a couple of weeks to really settle in before transplant your seedlings.

But you've still time to get seedlings off to a flying start, too! Check out our 'When to Plant Guide' for a list of ideas.

  • Jobs to do in the Garden & What to Plant in August
  • Herb Teas to make to beat the Spring Sniffles
  • Lawn Consultancy - Case study & sample report
  • Meet the Expert - in house free Square Foot Garden workshops

2015-07 July Newsletter

While the garden has been loving the sunny days, the lack of rain is a concern. Hopefully that will change before too long. While mornings have been chilly, the fine days have been perfect for gardening, and there's been lots happening down at The Green Life Soil Co.

Asparagus & Rhubarb crowns HAVE BEEN ORDERED and will be in store within a couple of weeks. Watch our Facebook page for the arrival announcement, or give us a call soon and check. This year we have only ordered the RED STEMMED rhubarb variety, as it is the one most requested. I expect they will go quickly so don't leave it too long to grab some.

  • What to Plant in Winter
  • Jobs to do in the Garden
  • Keeping Chooks Happy & Healthy in Winter
  • Experts in store - come along and learn at these free sessions

2015-06 June 2015 Newsletter

Hello & welcome to Winter! We've had some chilly nights & mornings (with frost already at our place) but not much rain as yet - let's hope the rains will come - ideally at night leaving the days lovely so we can get outside and enjoy a bit of winter sun!

And although it's Winter, things won't be slowing down! It's a highly productive time to garden in Perth, so do make the most of it and enjoy your garden.

  • Bees - attracting them to your garden
  • Meet the Vegepod; a complete garden kit with cover to keep out the bugs
  • What to plant now
  • Jobs for the winter garden

2015-03 March 2015 Newsletter

While we can expect some hot days to come, there is no doubt days are getting shorter, and the change of season is definitely in the air. We are coming up to one of the most productive opportunities to plant and grow in Perth, so make sure you're ready!

To help inspire and inform you, we have Nick Bell and Leesa Caldwell coming in to store (Sat 14th March & Sat 11th April from approx. 10.30 - 12.30)

Come and talk to us about your Autumn gardening project, and we can provide you with advice on the best value methods to suit your needs.

  • Autumn Garden Jobs & What to Plant Now
  • Tomato Contest 2015 - Meet the Winners!
  • How to make raised garden beds from straw bales
  • Lawn Consultancy - update & photos

2015-01 January newsletter

I hope your gardens are surviving as we are now into the height of summer here in Perth. I know our garden struggles with lack of water (we don't have scheme water and are pretty miserly with the bore) but mulching heavily and using overhead shadecloth keep things going until cooler temperatures return. This newsletter has tips to help your garden and lawn cope through the hottest time of the year.

  • Tomato Contest 2015 - win great prizes!
  • Jobs to do in the garden right now
  • Helping your lawn survive & thrive through summer
  • News, info & all about microbes in your soil

2014-12 December 2014 newsletter

Wow, welcome to summer! Let's hope it is a kind one to our gardens!

In this newsletter, we've got some great Christmas gift ideas for you and more exciting news and developments @ GLSC.

We will be closing for our Christmas break from 5.00pm Tuesday, 23rd December and re-opening 8.30am Friday, 2nd January.

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish YOU and yours a happy and safe Christmas. Thank you for your custom over the year and we look forward to being of service to you throughout 2015.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ~ from the Team @ The Green Life Soil Co

  • Tomato Contest 2015
  • Jobs to do in the Garden & what to plant now
  • Prepare your lawn for summer
  • Attracting beneficial insects to your garden

2014-10 October newsletter

Still some rain to come, but some wonderful sunny days - plants are jumping out of the ground with these conditions. It really is quite a magical time of year. Hopefully your garden wasn't damaged in the recent hail storm that hit our northern suburbs.

We were lucky enough to enjoy a few days away over the school holidays - and got to see some beautiful gardens which made us all inspired! So we thought we’d do a prize draw for our customers to share photos of their own gardens.

We’ve been busy at GLSC and there’s lots going on to share with you.

  • Keeping Chooks in Your Backyard
  • Spring jobs to do in the Garden
  • Introducing our Members Section on our website
  • Garden Consultancy with Nick Bell now available

2014-08 August Newsletter

Hi There and welcome to our Winter newsletter. We've had some great rain which is fantastic long term for the soil, but it does bring it's frustrations when wet weekends come around and you can't get outside to get those jobs done! But then come some lovely sunny days, and aren't they glorious in Winter?

Thanks to those of you who follow us on Facebook and who gave us suggestions on things you'd like to see covered in future newsletters. I've taken some of your ideas on board and you can expect to see more down the track, too. We really do appreciate your feedback and ideas. I always find gardeners are a great bunch of people - willing to share ideas, experiences, cuttings seeds & even produce!

  • Winter Jobs in the Garden
  • Care of Decidious Fruit Trees
  • Slugs, Snails and Caterpillars - winning the war naturally!
  • What's new at The Green Life Soil Co & special offers for VIP customers

2014-05 May newsletter

Hello - welcome to Autumn! And finally we've had some great rain to start us off. Let's hope it continues throughout Winter. (Of course, overnight and during the week is generally preferred so we can enjoy some sunny weekends in the garden!)

  • Jobs for the garden & what to plant now
  • Citrus Gall Wasp - Quarantine needs your help
  • Winter Lawn Care
  • Regular Square Foot Garden demonstrations starting July

2014-03 March Newsletter

It's lovely to have the promise of cooler days ahead. Autum and Winter are prime growing seasons for us in Perth, so now's the perfect time to start planning your next vegie garden crop!

  • Jobs for Autumn
  • What to Plant Now
  • Tomato Competition Winners & Garden Festival Competition
  • Organic Matter in the Garden - what does it do?

2014-01 January News

Happy New Year from all of us @ The Green Life Soil Co!

Just a brief word from us to let you know a few things that are happening at GLSC.

  • Tomato Contest and Celebrity Judge Theo Kalogeracos
  • Sizzling summer pea straw offer for VIP customers
  • Introducing eWood - a recycling revolution!
  • Like us on Facebook and join our community

2013-12 December e-newsletter!

Summer in the garden is a time of maintenance and providing care to your plants so they survive our harsh, hot weather. We've got some tips below that may provide some winning strategies for you.

  • Jobs for the garden over summer
  • What to plant now
  • Announcing the Tomato Contest & introducing eWood
  • Christmas gift ideas for gardeners

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