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Manures & Compost

Organic growers know the secret of healthy gardens: "Feed your soil"

Feeding your soil ensures a healthy biodiversity of microorganisms and worms can do their job - making sure your soil is alive.

A healthy soil means stronger growth, greater pest and disease resistance, and ensures vital nutrients are present in any fruit or vegetables you are going to consume.

There are a number of ways for Perth gardeners to improve our poor, impoverished soils.

Compost, Manures & Mulch:
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COMPOST (the upside of having a breakdown!)
Compost is a great way to recycle unwanted organic matter. Many home gardeners like to make their own compost (see our gardening fact sheet page) and reduce their carbon footprint in doing so.

However, for those that don't have the time or patience to do it themselves, quality, Certified Organic compost can be purchased all year round - ready when you need it.

The benefits of using compost include:

  • Adding vital nutrients (like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium etc.)
  • Building soil carbon & organic matter - vastly improving sandy soils.
  • Increased microbial activity
  • Buffering pH levels
  • Increasing the soil's ability to retain nutrients, water and air. This means reduced need for water and fertilisers.

It is best to add compost to the soil and mix it through. If it is allowed to dry out, you will lose some of the benefits and it may simply blow away!

Green Life Soil Company offers home delivery to the Perth Metro Area and surrounding suburbs from the Northern and Western suburbs to as far South as Mandurah.  Call us for a quote on any of our garden products.

Our Compost products include:

Mushroom Compost
Certified Organic Compost. A rich feeding compost suitable for vegetables, herbs, roses, etc.

Available in bulk or 25 litre bags.

Garden Compost
A general purpose compost suitable for all plants, including natives.  Fine particles.

Available in bulk or 25 litre bags.

MANURE (or why sometimes it's good to be in the poo!)

Preferably, manures should be well aged before using directly on garden beds. Fresh manures can be added to a compost pile, or left (covered to keep out flies) for a month or two until relatively odourless and ready to use. Fresh manures can contain excessive nitrates which can 'burn' some sensitive plants.

Animal manures are a great way of adding nitrogen to soil, and organic matter, and help stimulate microbial activity.

Which manure is best?
Quite frankly, any manure is going to help improve soil - however, different poos do different things. the richest manure (in terms of range of nutrients) is actually pidgeon poop! Chicken and other poultry manure also packs a pretty good punch - but bird poo contains hardly any organic matter.

In contrast, horse and cow manure is lower in nutrients, but is much higher in organic material - which is really useful to improve soil.

Some gardeners may swear by sheep poo for this and cow poo for that - and never the twain shall mix! In our experience, variety is the spice of life and - like us - your soil benefits from a varied diet.

Manure can be used distributed on top of garden beds or dug through the soil. It is also great to add to compost heaps or worm farms.

Our Manure Products include:

Blended Manure
A weed free blend of sheep and pulverised cow manure. Feeds and adds organic matter.

Available in bulk or 25 litre bags.

Composted and pelletised chicken manure. An effective, Certified Organic all purpose fertiliser.

Available in 2.5kg & 6kg tubs and 14kg bags.

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